Machine Translation (mt) Is Slower and Less Accurate than Human Translation (1)

Machine Translation (mt) Is Slower and Less Accurate than Human Translation

Machine translation (MT) is slower and less accurate than human translation, and there is no immediate or predictable likelihood of machines taking over this role from humans. Do you agree or disagree?

Despite the advancement of technology, an electronic translator is less efficient in respect of accuracy and speed as compared to that of a human translator. I firmly believe that there are near to no chances that the role of the human translator can be replaced by machines in the near future.

The first and significant reason for this is machines which are developed recently are not able to learn languages themselves like humans unless their operators input the sentence structures and formulas. Electronic devices that translate a language to one another can not develop word structures that can be used while applying various other languages. The software follows a particular pattern for each language, and it’s followed grammar, so accuracy is decreased.

Another reason is machine takes longer hours to digest the input processed by the operator, while humans can easily understand language and have the ability to translate in a fraction of a second. In today’s technology, this ability is lacking, and therefore it takes more time to the machine for translation immediately as humans do.

Added to it, there are thousands of languages all over the world. Machine translators can not develop the ability to think itself and use the meaning of the particular word in another language. So software becomes so heavy, and the time lag for the translation is extended.

To recapitulate it, it can be said that, like humans, machine translators do not have the ability to respond quickly and correctly due to the inability to think and react. Therefore there is no immediate likelihood that it can perform the role of a human translator, not for at least a decade or two.

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