Describe an Aquatic Animal Speaking Cue Card (2) (1)

Describe an Aquatic Animal Speaking Cue Card

Describe an aquatic animal

  • What does it look like?
  • When did you see it?
  • Where did you see it?
  • Explain why it is interesting?

Sample Answer of Describe an Aquatic Animal Speaking Cue Card

Well, there are a lot of aquatic animals to talk about, but for the purpose of this discussion, I would like to talk about the Green Sea Turtle. This is a reptile and an amphibian belonging to the family Cheloniidae. It lays eggs by the seashore after mating with its male counterpart. For the first time in my life to behold a turtle was in 2020 when I travelled to the south part of Nigeria, precisely Cross River, to visit a friend, and she decided to take me to one of their beaches for a picnic. The fascinating thing about this beauty of nature is that it is totally a herbivore, unlike most sea animals that are carnivores. It feeds only on seagrass and alga, and it is believed to travel incredibly long distances during its lifetime.

Follow-ups of Describe an Aquatic Animal Speaking Cue Card

Question 1. Why do people like to keep pets?

Answer:- In my opinion, there are several reasons why people domesticate some animals. Some of these reasons are for companionship, for security purposes, for aesthetic values. I do not forget some people who practise bestiality and zoophile.

Question 2. What should we do to protect endangered animals?

Answer:- Individually, we can rear such animals whose lives are endangered. Some archaic methods of farming, for example, bush burning, should be abolished. Finally, the state should enact legislation that protects the life of such animals and also ensure stricter penalties for people who kills them.

Question 3. Do you support doing an experiment on animals?

Answer:- Yes, I quite support in vivo experiments which are mostly done on animals that share some distinct qualities with humans. Examples of such animals are pigs rabbits. Most pharmaceutical companies do their research on animals before certifying their products safe for human consumption.

Question 4. Why do some people refuse to eat animals?

Answer:- In my opinion, if you ask me, it is usually based on religious reasons and sometimes on individual’s health challenges, especially for people who are hypertensive or have some kind of auto-immune disease like gout arthritis, which does not allow them to ingest much of animal protein.

Question 5. What would happen when some species disappear on earth.

Answer:- First of all, there will be an imbalance in our contemporary ecosystem, and if it were to be animals, other animals that prey on them might die out of hunger. In the same vein, if plants disappear, then human beings will start dying in their numbers because of lack of Oxygenated air, as there won’t be plants to give off oxygen and take in our carbon dioxide.

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