Some Scientists Think that Computers Will Soon Become More Intelligent than Humans (2) (1)

Some Scientists Think that Computers Will Soon Become More Intelligent than Humans

Some scientists think that computers will soon become more intelligent than humans. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

It is believed by some scientists that in the upcoming period, computers will take the place of people’s intelligence. This essay agrees with this statement owing to the sign in this favour. Firstly, this essay will be discussed the new function, and secondly, this will be analyzed the fact of increasing use of it.

In today’s time, the computer is coming with up to date features that will improve work productivity of individual in the job place. If growth in software systems rises day by day, it will definitely replace the common human brainpower due to having extra traits instead of any person. Moreover, numerous changes can be done in computer programming. For example, it is estimated that various companies will launch computers with robotic qualities that will play the role of many smart individuals.

Why is it used in every field? The reason behind this is that have a paramount part of everyone. Pupils use it education for making a presentation, as well as employees, have lots of importance of it to fulfil the official tasks such as for collecting data and so on. To further explain it, the people who have nothing to do are also habitual to take benefits from this device for social media, games, watching movies. Therefore, rising usage of it in human’s life make it more demanding. As a result, it will gain value more than the smartness of human beings.

In conclusion, as soon as possible it can be accepted that various characteristic and enormous utilization of computers approximately in all field, shows it genius than men, so the expectation for future will be reached the sky.

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