Describe a Person Who Often Travels by Plane (4) (1)

Describe a Person Who Often Travels by Plane

Describe a Person Who Often Travels by Plane; You should say:

  • Who this person is
  • Where they go
  • Why did he/she travel by plane
  • And explain how he or she feels about it.

Sample Answer of  Describe, a Person Who Often Travels by Plane

Well, many people travel to explore the world. Some travel to earn bread and butter; while, others travel for visiting new places. So travelling adds a new feather in the cap of people. Here, I would like to speak about a person, who is none other than my friend’s father, who usually have meetings overseas with his clients and to visit overseas, he usually visits by flight. He really enjoys his flight because it is more convenient for him and, of course, saves his time. He feels delighted whenever he visits abroad for conferences as well as meetings by flight. Visiting by flight makes him more creative, and in this way he has a chance to meet famous personalities, who often use flight to visit overseas and in his last visit, he told us that he met Jackie Shroff, who is a prominent personality in Bollywood industry. As he was travelling, Jackie Shroff sat beside him. In this way, he gets exposure to Bollywood stars. Although the tickets are expensive; but, people don’t feel tired, they feel fresh, and there is no worry about meals because everything is available on the plane. So, he likes travelling by plane. In addition, he can’t live without his family. So, as soon as the meeting gets over and the very next moment, he has a return ticket for his home. Because he cannot live apart from his family. So I think there is a family issue as well as to maintain their client by returning immediately after the meeting and holding workplace responsibilities are the prime reasons of his visit by plane.

Follow-ups Describe a Person Who Often Travels by Plane.

Question 1 What are the benefits and drawbacks of travelling by plane?

Answer – Travelling by plane has more benefits like it is time-consuming and convenient because people don’t get tired and reach their destination in time. Whereas, it is an expensive affair because travelling by plane is not everybody’s cup of tea. Only wealthy people can afford it.

Question 2 Is it great to live nearby an airport?

Answer –  No, it is not an ideal option to live nearby an airport. Because people can’t tolerate the noise, the place will be more congested, and it can create a problem of insomnia among people. So it will destroy the peace of mind of people.

Question 3 What types of transportation do people choose when they go on a long trip?

Answer – For a long trip, people usually prefer to go in their own car because they can halt their journey on the way and they can see worth- seeing places; while, it is not possible in public transport. Moreover, the comfort that they feel by visiting in their own car is different from visiting via train or bus.

Question 4 Do Indian people love to travel by plane?

Answer – Yes, Indian people love to travel by plane because it is a convenient as well as time-consuming means of transportation. Moreover, if they are working and they have less time, then it is a good option to travel by plane.

Question 5 Would you prefer to travel in your own car in the future?

Answer –  No, I will not prefer to travel in my own car because currently, I am planning to move abroad as a permanent immigrant. So, I hope to travel by plane in the foreseeable future.

Question 6 What sorts of people travel by aeroplane in India?

Answer – Famous leaders, as well as people in business, scientists and other eminent personalities, prefer to travel by plane. They prefer it because they have various issues like attending meetings, conferences etc.

Question 7 Are you pleased with the service on the plane in India?

Answer –  Well, I have not any kind of experience of enjoying services of the plane in India; but, I have heard from others that the service is deplorable. People sometimes miss their luggage, and sometimes they don’t get comfortable seats. Moreover, the prices are very high, but the quality is poor.

Question 8 Why do some people just dislike aviation?

Answer – Some people dislike aviation because they have acrophobia, and they have also developed their own fears like they feel suffocated when they are in a crowd and when all the doors are closed. Moreover, some people can’t afford it because it is an expensive affair. So people dislike visiting by flight.

Question 9 What are the disadvantages of living near an airport?

Answer – Well, the disadvantages are great, like people can’t bear noise and in this way, they feel deaf and dumb. Moreover, they develop disorders such as insomnia, and the place becomes congested. So it becomes tough for the people to live in that place.

Question 10 How is working at an airport different from working somewhere else?

Answer –  Well, there is a great difference between working at an airport and somewhere else because when people get a job at an airport, they really get great exposure to meeting new people from their own nation as well as from other nations. Besides, they also develop good communication skills, which sometimes is very difficult while working in other sectors. Moreover, there is more salary to the employees as well as other benefits too.

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