Not All Drivers Obey the Laws while Driving on Roads (4) (1)

Not All Drivers Obey the Laws while Driving on Roads

Not all drivers obey the laws while driving on roads. What are the reasons for this? What can be done to fix this problem?

It is argued that a few motorists do not comply with the law while driving on the road. Out of many reasons, emergencies, road rage is responsible for fast driving. This problem can be tackled by installing a radar speed display and road diet.

To begin with, operators drive fast on the road because they are in haste. To elaborate, there may be a medical emergency to heed to the hospital and a delay in the journey, making them drive fast on the road. For instance, it is seen that the psyche of drivers does not allow them to think about pedestrians as well as oncoming cars. They just have one motto to reach in time at their destination. So, fast driving is only one alternative that they choose. Besides, road rage instigates them to drive as fast as they can. To exemplify it, when chauffeurs are aggressive, and they do not let the other person overtake them. They release their frustration by driving fast as well as they disobey the rules by endangering their lives along with the lives of walkers on the road.

As every cloud has a silver lining, similarly this problem can be handled in many ways. First and foremost is the installation of a radar speed display. To classify it, now it is a herculean task for the government to recruit police in any corner of the place due to tight budget and many times, they are not available all the time. So, this step is beneficial to slow down the speed of vehicles. For instance, when drivers are conscious that they are 24 hours under surveillance; then escaping themselves from paying heavy fines or any imprisonment, they automatically drive slow. Therefore, this step is lucrative in the case of shortened staff. Furthermore, road diet is another measure to curb the problem of fast driving. In this way, drivers will drive slowly as they know that they have limited space for driving. Moreover, due to the influx of walkers on the road, congested places naturally slow down the speed. So, resultantly, drivers have to drive slow.

In conclusion, Thus, there are various reasons for fast driving on the road, such as road rage or hurry; but solutions to control the situation are immense. Road rage, as well as installing radars display, can make drivers abide by the law. In this way, operators will not drive fast, and they can save their lives and the lives of others who walk on the road.

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