Describe Your Dream Job

Describe Your Dream Job

Describe Your Dream Job

You should say-

  • what is it?
  • Where did you hear it from?
  • How long do you want to do it?
  • Would you recommend this job to others?

Sample answer of Describe Your Dream Job

I would like to get the ball rolling by telling you about my dream job that I would like to do one day that’s nothing, but I would like to be an officer of one of the prime healthcare organization I’ve seen that there are many countries across the globe was suffering from helping the citizens of those countries do not have access to basic healthcare facilities, and due to this you see thousands and thousands of people are dying on an annual basis also I noticed that there are many people do not have enough nutritious food, and because of that they’re dying because of starvation and found that if I am the CEO office minded leaders across the world, I would like to connect with them collaborate with them and would like to find a solution

which we can put on the table discuss and see how can we help this developing nation OK so this is one of the significant jobs that you are giving back to the society, and you should always need support from the developed countries so you should always get them involved in order to find a solution know how long I would like to do this job until I get a retirement because I really love to serve my society I always learn what comes around goes around absolutely I would love to do this job until I get a retirement to cut a long story short he 5885BT officer of my Long story short if I am the CEO of my company I’m sure I’m going to sell to the underprivileged societies and the nations

Follow-ups Describe your dream job.

Question 1. Is money important in choosing a job?

Answer – Absolutely money is an equal part of anyone’s life, and it plays a major role when you’re not financially strong and in order for you to survive money is important, so, all in all, I believe the job is important but I just same time getting the right side of salaries all to seem Porten as for your experience and expertise and skills sets well

Question 2. What are the challenges employees are facing with work from the home trend?

Answer – this is a fascinating question, and we all face challenges when you work from home, and in this pandemic time it becomes more challenging you when I see that everyone trying to balance work and personal life they are at home children and you know sometimes they need to take care of the children need to take care of those files and so much going on, and you don’t know you cannot really find balance or draw a line between your work and your personal life, and lately I realize more and more people are complaining about the striking a balance between work and personal life and now realizing working in an office is better than working remotely from home

Question 3. Is working from home more beneficial than working from the office?

Answer – I will say it has frozen cons as well. If you look at bras, you can save a lot of time on your commute, which can be used for your personal gain. Second, you can be more productive and less distracted than when you are at work. If you look at the calls, you lose touch with your colleagues and subordinates, so you’re less connected with your team. Second, if you look at the productivity perspective, I think the productivity will really go down when you continuously adhere to work from home, so, all in all, I think we need to strike a balance, and we need to take a hybrid approach went to go to the office for work and went to take work from home option.

Question 4. In what way it is beneficial?

Answer – you can manage many personal duties when you’re working from home. Let’s say you need to draw you need to drop your child at that daycare you can do it you need to go and pick up some books from you from the school you can do that sometimes someone is sick at home take a holiday from your office you can still go to the hospital get your member you’re not consulted with the doctor comes back and then the country with your work. Hence, it’s really flexible sometimes if you would like to choose different working hours you can still do that instead of having a 9-to-5 job you can choose to do your jobs in order as provided you’re working conditions are met where does it mention is it mentioned.

Question 5. what are the disadvantages of working from home?

Answer – you’ll get lotta distractions from children also your Internet connectivity work and your work demands that you always need to be online right and sometimes the unavailability of the Internet would make you in a bad spot apart from that you will not be really connected with your team when it is required to jail OK well it’s a new team which is going to work on a certain life-critical project, and when you’re not get together anytime I think you will not have a sense of purpose and ultimately that we have an adverse effect on the outcome

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