A School that Make Use of Books Children Find It More (1)

A School that Make Use of Books Children Find It More

A school that makes use of books children find it more boring while using films, tv videos games they find it more interesting To what extent do you agree with this???

Nowadays, with the advent of science and technology, teaching and learning have become more interactive. Educational institutes that rely on books find their learners a bit down in dumps; however, their students show great interest in studies when they get updated with digital teaching methods. I firmly agree that innovative learning is best. Upcoming segments are going to elaborate my viewpoint with examples and explanations.

To embark with, no doubt today’s teaching aids are truly tech-based. Due to long-lasting and effective learning, teachers rely on modern teaching materials such as YouTube and projectors. Through audio-visual aids, students find learning tasks more easy and interesting. Moreover, it also assists cognitive development, as learners start developing their own imagination for the context displays. For example, children learn poetry instantly even though they cannot understand the meaning, only because of the musical and visual aspects.

On the flip side, a traditional method used in school books, mostly found uninteresting by students. In a real sense, books make the learning process and classroom environment more indolent. Today’s generation is curious to learn innovative things; however, books possess passive and homogeneous information from decades, as it directs them towards interactive learning through the internet. For example, history books are considered to be most dull because of historical information. In addition to this, only words are complicated for today’s tech-savvy aspirants as they are habitual to learn through their own creative imagination.

To conclude, although books cannot be replaced, digital methods are gaining roots all the world over. I prefer digital one as it has a long-lasting impact on one’s learning.

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