You Travelled by Plane Last Week and Your Suitcase Was Lost

You Travelled by Plane Last Week and Your Suitcase Was Lost

You travelled by plane last week and your suitcase was lost. You have still heard nothing from the airline company. Write to the airline and explain what happened. Describe your suitcase and tell them what was in it. Find out what they are going to do about it.

Dear sir,
I am Vikas, and writing this letter to lodge a missing complaint of my bag at the airport. It was 24th June morning when I was about to depart from the airport. Near baggage carousel, I was waiting for my belongings but it was not there. I had waited for complete one hour. Later on, I asked accountable authorities but I have not been getting any optimistic feedback since first time moment.

Look wise, it was of black colour with highlighted yellow coloured strips, and the brand name is fast track. Moreover, it contains clothes, books, laptops and some official documents. These papers are vital for me since I have to attend a scheduled meeting next week. In addition to this, a paper slip with my phone number, name and passport number is also pasted on it.

At present, I’m looking for a revert about what up to the investigation is and also interested to know what if my bag would not find out.

Hope for an immediate response from you.

Yours Sincerely,

This is the END of the Writing Task You Travelled by Plane Last Week and Your Suitcase Was Lost

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