If a product is good and meets customer needs

If a Product Is Good and Meets Customer Needs

If a product is good and meets customer needs, then people will buy it and advertising is unnecessary. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Nowadays, the demand for the product, directly and indirectly, depends on the quality and its promotion. However, a number of people argues that if consumers are satisfied with the product, irrespective of adverts, will definitely buy same again. In this case, I agree with this ideology but partially since both aspects are vital. Upcoming segments will elaborate my viewpoint with relevant explanation and examples.

To embark with, in order to espouse advertisement, there are a plethora of material facts behind it. Initially, it is of paramount importance for the awareness of any new or modified commodity entering into the consumer market. Without advertisement, the sale of any product will confine to the targeted areas only. In the present scenario, producers enjoy the international market merely due to the fact of advertisement. For example, the Apple brand has users in all territories since every year they invest huge funds in the promotion of their branded products. Therefore, for either its consumer or industrial goods, sale promotional techniques are necessary.

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However, factors like need and satisfaction overrun the importance of adverts sometimes. Some basic need fulfilling products, in a real sense, does not require any promotion since people will surely Consume without considering the brand, price and popularity, salt, for instance. In addition to this, no one likes to change one’s get the highest utility from the concerned product. For example, after using shoes of one brand, an individual loves to retain with it only because of the level of satisfaction.

In conclusion, I believe promotion through advertisement precisely boost the volume of sales; however, requirement and satisfied consumer cannot be undermined. Hence, all parameters are equally important from the producers and consumers point of view.

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