You and Your Colleague Want to Use a Company Room

You and Your Colleague Want to Use a Company Room

You and your colleague want to use a company room. Write a letter to your manager and ask for permission. In your letter, you should:

· Explain why you need the room

· Describe which room you need and why

· Tell me what changes you’ll need in the room.

Dear sir,

I am Vikas, and writing this letter to seek a favour from you. As you know, me and Mr Varun are working on a new project in which we have to interview customers. To succeed, we are looking for a customer-oriented room in which we can create a customer-friendly environment wherein they can come up with confident reverts.

In this regard, we want your approval to use the communication room for our purposes until the project gets executed. The particular reason why we want this reason is its location. As it is located on sideways of company and closest to the showroom. Thereby, we can invite visitors easily. Moreover, the presence of audiovisual aids would be more beneficial.

In order to make this room more appealing, we would like to suggest some alterations. First of all, we want more tables and chairs so that we can manage a group of customers during the peak period. Secondly, the installation of the camera is at the top of the list; with its help, we can record the whole session and check on the customer’s movements.

We are hoping for an optimistic response from your side.

Yours Sincerely,

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