Talk about an Interesting Tradition in Your Country

Talk about an Interesting Tradition in Your Country

Talk about an interesting tradition in your country

You should say:

  • What is it?
  • Who takes part in it?
  • What activities are there?
  • And explain how you feel about it?

Sample Answer of Talk about an Interesting Tradition in Your Country

well, India is a diverse country in case of states languages, regions, and traditions and cultures. I believe there is play Thora of festivals which are celebrated traditionally nowadays so here I would like to talk about a tradition that I even find at my home during Deepavali season Deepavali festival that is cleaning and decoration of home well there is a great historical background for the celebration of Diwali that is like on this auspicious day Lord Rama returned from 12 years of exile and to welcome the people of Ayodhya clean their houses and decorated them with her than lamps. So in this way from that day till now every year people’s people shall celebrate Diwali festival with the same tradition.

As much I noticed on this day most of the Indian people like to clean their houses and decorated it with different things and taken takes it as a tradition of celebrating Diwali like at my house even I noticed much time that before 15 days before Diwali my mother started cleaning my house from every angle and on Diwali day me along with my brothers decorate our house with earthen lamps as well as electrifying birds initially or than the lens wore only use for the decoration purpose. Still, nowadays in the market, there are many other objects by which we can decorate our house, but most people like to beautify their house with the help of electrifying birds.

Another noticeable thing about this celebration is Rangoli like most people like to prepare a home Rangoli at the front of their houses with the hope that Goddess Lakshmi will enter their house on that night and then another part of this tradition is worshipping Goddess Lakshmi on this particular day later on at the end of the day people like to eat sweets have fun and blow crackers so in this way these are the few parameters included in tradition with the help of which people like to celebrate this splendid day even I also took part in all these activities with full enthusiasm and determination because I love to celebrate all festivals with my family as it gives me confidence. I feel blessed at the end of the day, so this was the tradition that all Indian people follow every year on a particular day.

Follow-ups Talk about an Interesting Tradition in Your Country

Question 1. Do you think teenagers should learn about traditions?

Answer – Definitely teenagers must learn about their traditions since with the help of this they can get to know about the about their roots from where they belong what their ancestors did in the past to survive and Dear hardship in life and also the historical events the important historical events that make whole tradition and religion proud

Question 2. What is the importance of traditional festivals?

Answer – Traditional festival festivals are important in many ways as to shoot in traditional ways of God through traditional festivals we can get to know about the historical events, and the believes why these are celebrating a celebrated and what are the reasons for the celebration, and on another side also we get to know the ways of celebrating these festivals and the importance and the reasons

Question 3. What’s the difference between festivals now and in the past?

Answer – As much I noticed many differences between the festivals were celebrated in the past and now nowadays people like to celebrate just highlighted festivals such as Deepavali Dussehra Holi and so on, but they forget many festivals which are not in the spotlight and another thing is people are now accepting the festivals and the traditions which belong to the western cultures and another thing considerable thing is the way of celebration initially people like to celebrate it into traditional be, but now it is it all celebrates with the modern amenities

Question 4. Do you think western festivals like Christmas are replacing traditional festivals in your country?

Answer – Undoubtedly, people are accepting the traditional culture and festivals of western culture western cultures but Western cultures replacing Indian cultures completely is an N non-acceptable ideology since there are many places, even many festivals in India that are still celebrating with the same glory and enthusiasm, Such as Deepavali Lohri Baisakhi and many more

Question 5. Do you think it is wrong for children not to celebrate traditional festivals?

Answer – There is nothing wrong with not celebrating traditional festivals since it is an individual preference, but those who do not celebrate these festivals are not aware of the traditions cultures of one nation, But I believe they should celebrate it so that they could have some time to spend with your family is in a happy way

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