Write a Letter to a Hotel Manager about a Party

Write a Letter to a Hotel Manager about a Party

Write a letter to a hotel manager about a party that you want to arrange for somebody you know. Include in your letter
Where do you want to hold the party

  • Details of the party
  • our budget for the party
  • ask about the availability of facilities and the menu

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am writing this letter with regards to, for booking your Mezzanine hall on 31-07-2021. My younger brother got married very recently, and our close ones decided to grand them a party. I heard about your prestigious hotel from the leading magazines and when I discussed with my family members all are mutually agreed to be a book for the same. Moreover, the facilities providing for certain occasions from your end are highly appreciated.

Party should be for our family members and few friends that do not exceed 150 members. In the same way, all of my family members are excited because it is a theme-based party, and we expecting additional coordination from your side.

In the brushers, the rent for the Mezzanine hall is comparatively high and we expecting an additional discount for the same hall. Our budget for the party is Rs-50000/- including food, amenities, and all tax.

I understand that the Mezzanine hall is famed for its ambience and other facilities. First and foremost, think, we required parking space for all of our guests. The dance floor and DJ ramp are additional attractions for everyone. Last but not least, three-course French cuisine including vegetarian and non-vegetarian to be arranged for the party. That should include an entree, main course, and dessert.

I hope all the requirements are unavoidable and you are the best in the service.

In anticipation waiting for your positive response at the earliest.

Yours Faithfully,

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