Crimes Rates amongst Younger People Have Been Rising

Crimes Rates amongst Younger People Have Been Rising

In many countries, crimes rates amongst younger people have been rising. Discuss the causes and solutions for this problem.

In the contemporary era, the crime rate is burgeoning rapidly worldwide and evidently trending among youngsters. Effect of unruliness mass media and unemployment, a few are culpable for this, and it can be curb with the collaboration of government and parents. Upcoming segments will illustrate these causes and possible measures needed to adapt.

To embark with, a plethora of causes are there, from parents and the government side, that espoused the surging crime rates among youngsters. First and foremost is undisciplined media. Crime based scenes and episodes are displaying elaborately on television and the internet that are trending among youngsters. This not only provoking youth but also advertise distinguished ways to commit crimes and escape from them easily. For example, a show named Savdhaan India, on one side trying to promote awareness against crime; whereas, on the other side also let criminal minds know the loopholes and proceeding of authorities and how they can miss-use it. Moreover, lack of job opportunities, increasing corruption, the vicious circle of poverty, lack of values in life and inflation are few names that equally contributes to multiplying the crimes.

To put effective control on it, at first government should innate a few progressive steps—stringent laws on the content displaying by mass media, for instance. Authorities should impose heavy fines and penalties on whosoever are indulging in promoting criminal data. Secondly, the government ought to look into the matter of poverty and unemployment. If this could eradicate, to a large extent, crimes will be ceased. Furthermore, from a parents’ perspective, their responsibility is not only upbringing offspring but also to guide them and to impart social values. As such, adolescents should think hundred times before committing any crime.

To conclude, upsurging the crime ratio is indirectly due to the lack of optimum parenting and downgrading the economy from the government side. Therefore, collective efforts, stringent rubrics and value-based upbringing from ministry and parent are statutory to flatten the curve of this menace.

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