Some Individuals Say Children Should Have to Play Outdoor Games Instead of Playing Computer Games at Home

Some Individuals Say Children Should Have to Play Outdoor Games

Some individuals say children should have to play outdoor games instead of playing computer games at home. Do you agree or disagree?

Outdoor sports plays an eminent role in the all-around development of an individual; however, innovative technology dominates by promoting indoors ones. In regard to this, people claim that children ought to indulge in field games rather confined to four walls. This essay agrees with the above ideology and provides reasonable arguments in favour.

To embark with, the dominating era of the digital world have many adverse impacts on today’s generation. Nowadays, especially children, are glued to smartphones and Computers for playing games. This trend is not only a hurdle in the personal growth of children, but also welcomes health hazards such as visual impairments, insomnia and depression. For instance, a survey conducted by Canadian University reflects that children who remain at home with screens are at the highest stake of unhealthy life in comparison with others.

On the other side, by participating in outdoor activities, children can reap a plethora of advantages. Firstly, they can enjoy face-to-face interaction with peers and remain active socially. Secondly, they could develop endurance, good posture, active mindset and becomes emotionally balanced by facing victories and defeats. For instance, it is noticed that teenagers Who actively participates in field activities are more balanced while comparing with online gamers, in case of both physical as well as emotional aspect. Hence, group activities should be promoted.

To conclude, engaging in outdoor activities can not only improve children’s physical fitness but also stabilise them emotionally. Therefore, I highly recommend today’s generation to spend more time in ground activities instead of hook up with tech-based games.

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