Talk about An intelligent person you know

Talk about An intelligent person you know

Sample 1

Well, there are many persons in my life who are intelligent and help me many times. So here I would like to talk about one of them. That person name is Preet. He is my childhood friend. We studied together in the same school. With his intelligence, he helped me many times. I describe him briefly.

First of all, I talk about his physics, he is average build with fair complexion. He has brown sparkling Eyes which attracts every one toward him. His hairs are black but he is a clean shaved man.

Talk about An intelligent person you knowIn addition, in our school days, we were in the same class as well as we sit together in class. At the time, I found a subject named mathematics more difficult to understand. I requested him for helping me to solve difficult equations of mathematics. He never said no to me. He always helped me with happiness.

Moreover, in the present time, if I face any problem in my life, I give more preference to him for getting advice. For instance, about 3 years ago, we both completed our 12th standard. After it, he got admission GNM course because we want to become a doctor. But I was in a dilemma to choose the best option. I requested him to give me advice related to my profession.

Then, he suggested me to take admission in computer application course because he knew that I have a great interest in computer science. So I did as he said to me. Apart from it, in the present scenario, he is doing a job in a well renowned Hospital. Along with this, He teaches to poor students in order to help them in their studies as well as to improve their financial condition. He does it as a volunteer work.

All in all, he is a person who is intelligent. I believe that only good suggestions and help of a person make him intelligent. May he live long.

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