Talk about a song or a poem about the history of your country

Talk about a Song or a Poem about the History of Your Country

Talk about a song or a poem about the history of your country.

You should say
When you heard it?
Where you heard it?
How do you feel about it?

Sample Answer of Talk about a Song or a Poem about the History of Your Country

Well, when the Britishers ruled India till 1947, there were so many songs and poetry written by various authors I’m going to talk about a particular song which martyr Bhagat Singh wrote is my favourite freedom fighter as I find him dynamic and he was the youngest martyr of all the freedom fighters, so the song name is sarfaroshi Ki Tamanna the song is written to make aware the people about the freedom and the work of freedom fighters.

So I heard this song from my grandmother she used to sing it on 15th August, which is the Independence Day of India. She used to sing it so well and so deeply with emotions that I was awestruck by seeing that my Gran father also used to sing it that that’s what my grandmother told me. I feel really proud of such songs because those are also included in the syllabus. Recently it was sad that it till 2015, these great songs were not part of the syllabus, but when a movie was made by some producers in Bollywood in 2014.

The Indian government have, in particular the education ministry, came to know about the significance of this song, and it was included in the central syllabus of the fourth standard, which is a very good thing. Every time I sing this song or hear this song on the radio or on my playlist, I always feel very patriotic, and you know, patriotism just oozes out of my body. It really makes me proud of the freedom fighters and the great values they interacted with for our nation, so I still remember that my grandmother initially told me to learn this song. I was very much reluctant to learn it as I did not know the importance of that song. Still, she told me all the details I just presented, and I learned that song within a week, and I’m very proud of it.

Follow-ups Talk about a Song or a Poem about the History of Your Country

Question1. Are you good at memorizing things?

Answer:-well for me, it is subjective. I’m very much good at remembering dates like anniversary’s and birthdays of my friends and relatives. Still, in school, I remember I was not very much good with the subject of geography. It was very hard for me to remember the location of each and every country, so you see, it is subjective for me.

Question2. Do you think children like the rhythm of songs or poems? Why?

Answer:-yes absolutely. Rather than just reading out the poem, if the teacher sings it with emotions, it makes a huge difference for children to learn that particular poem or song. It is also very easy for them to understand the meaning of that particular poem. I remember when I was in the second standard, it was really hard for me to remember one particular poem about one tree, but my father told me that basically, he taught me the meaning of that particular poem, and he also used to sing it very well and in a nice rhythm that’s why I learned it, and it was a piece of cake for me.

Question3. Do you think it is easier for children to learn a song or poem than adults? Why?

Answer:-No I don’t agree with this. I think adults understand poems and songs in a far more good way than a child can understand children basically don’t get the meaning behind the poem adults have that ability to get that meaning as I mentioned earlier an example of my father that how he taught me about the meaning of the poem so I think when children gradually grow up this start to learn the real meaning behind the poem and as soon as they developed this tendency they also start remembering the poem easily.

Question4. What can people learn from songs or poems?

Answer:-Well, first of all, this is a very good question, I must say, but it always depends on the poem. I mean some poems are just for the entertainment purpose secondly some songs are written to express love and 3rd is the type where many poems are written with the deep meaning inside it these poems in particular are written through life experiences which can teach many things to youngsters so that they can lead their life successfully.

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