Describe a Time when You Got into Trouble

Describe a Time when You Got into Trouble With Follow Ups

Describe a time when you got into trouble. You should say:

  • what type of trouble it was?
  • how did you get into it?
  • how you handled it?
  • and explain how you felt about it.?

Well troubles are the important part of everyone’s life I don’t think there would be any people who live their life without any sort of trouble so here I would like to talk about the recent problem in which I was good with the help of modern technology I came I don’t number six months ago it was my competitive exam which was going to held At Jalandhar on the exam day early morning I left for the examination hall by 5 AM actually The route to the destination was totally unknown to me so I just asked from my brother some holds some landmarks from where I possessed at my destination so in this way I was following the landmarks travelling one hour hi def one Mall and I was on the wrong track and there was no people at my at the road on my way the storm at that station it was to be annoying for me but I was sending of time I need to I need anything at that time and I want to be at my destination online so that I can appear for my exam then I called my brother he was busy in some activity so I sauce on internet and they give me an already more Google so I saw of the definition on Google map and give me a clear pathway to reach at the destination so in this way on time I reached at my destination and later on I posted a comment in the comment section of Google maps app where I wrote that it was a feeling pleasure to be with this absence give me every way to reach at my destination and give me traffic so in this way I think that app a lot and am addicted to this app up to great extend That whenever I need to search any bad I don’t bother anyone I just search on this app and get my desired destination on time I feel very helpful with this app

 Follow-Ups Describe a time when you got into trouble

Question 1.Do you like helping others?

Answer:-Precisely I love helping since it me a sense of self-satisfaction which is most important for me in comparison with so whenever I get time especially during weekends I like to go to the orphanage and serve as a volunteer a volunteer

Question 2.In your view should children be taught to help others?

Answer:-Yes definitely because nowadays people are pick up becoming very cheap creepy and selfish these are some evils in society so if you want to live in a good society then we have to start from home from a budget like if we bought these qualities give our children at early ages it will develop them in well human being

Question 3.How can we encourage children to help others?

Answer:-In order to encourage children to help others we need to set a real example in front of them like if I myself perform such kind of charity works all social activities then I could motivate children by showing the happiness that I received from the stars in this way I think I could revolutionise your mind or give them a mental resolution regarding this activity

Question 4.Do you think people are less willing to help others these days compared to the past?

Answer:-Definitely nowadays people are less concerned about giving us charity walls or helping others as compare to past because nowadays everyone is having incidentally lifestyle is having a home responsibility and they are very stressed anxieties all the sins cover them and don’t let them help others and another thing I could mention is lost for me it is the main reason why people don’t like to help others

Question 5.Do people trust others as much as they used to in the past?

Answer:-Well, in this case, I must say in order to trust someone we don’t need to bother time we just need good people or we can see closer ones yes it is admitted that nowadays people are having very less socially active they are having fewer friends as compare to past so they don’t trust anyone I like to have their private life

Question 6. How can charitable organizations help people?

Answer:-Charitable organisations can help people in numerous ways for instance in this situation when the Covid pandemic is suffering everyone this time charitable organisations can step up and helping people by providing them foodstuffs and clothes money shelter transportation facilities even free medications also

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