Language & Smile Speaking Part 1 Questions With Answers

Language & Smile Speaking Part 1 Questions with Answers

Language & smile Speaking Part 1 Questions With Answers. These are the IELTS Speaking part 1 Topics and Questions on general topics about your life. Your answers will be from your life and experience.

Language & smile Speaking Part 1 Questions With Answers.

Question 1. What languages do you speak?

Answer – Well, I am multilingual as I can speak Hindi, English and Punjabi language languages. Since it’s cool, I learned English and Hindi language, and as Punjabi is my mother tongue, so I also know that.

Question 2. When did you learn English?

Answer – At very first, I started learning English during my early schooling. I remember at the very first class I started with a BC and so on high goes on getting about English more and more and the important aspects about the English language I learnt during IELTS session.

Question 3. Do you think English is difficult to learn?

Answer – Initially, I believe that English is a complicated language and very difficult to learn. Still, when I was involved in it completely during IELTS, I found it very interesting and easy to learn. What we need is just to be focused, practice hard, and perform tasks on a daily basis that we learn

Question 4. Would you like to learn other languages?

Answer – I love to be multilingual; that’s why I learn three different languages; in regards to this, if in future I would get the opportunity to learn any other new language, I would definitely like to go for it as it would enhance my horizon of knowledge. I also get to know the cultures of the concerned language as well as it could attract some valuable opportunities for me too.

Question 5. Do you always smile?

Answer – No, I don’t smile very much since I don’t like to get socialise off and leave so most of the time I like to stay alone and with my mobile phone while watching movies or music

Question 6. Do you like smiling?

Answer – Yes, it’s a very natural phenomenon that everyone likes smiling because it beautifies My personality and attracts many others towards me

Question 7. Should people smile more?

Answer – Precisely people should smile as much as they can because firstly it makes them more attractive as well as it is a shoe it with the help of smiling as per doctors recommendation one can increase the level of blood in them, or we can see smile boost the comp confidence level of the person

Question 8. Do you smile while taking photos?

Answer – Well, I am not very photo leak, so I don’t have many photos with me, but whenever I know I had a photo, yes, I definitely smile because I wanted to capture my all memories, whatever I had with a smile.

Question 9. When do people smile at others?

Answer – Smile is a sort of gesture some people like to convey some sort of hidden messages or the messages which they can’t say in words they can just say that with a smile or another time when people smile is On cracking jokes or some unusual personalities

Question 10. Can you recognise a fake smile?

Answer – Definitely it is straightforward for me to recognise any smile which is fake one since when we smile our whole gestures of fish official gestures will smile also but during a fake smile people they just smile comes from their lips but hole gesture of face remain same, so it is straightforward to guess this

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