Talk about a Time where You Had Kept a Promise

Talk about a Time where You Had Kept a Promise

Talk about a Time where You Had Kept a Promise

  • How did you make it happen?
  • Reason for keeping a promise?
  • How was the experience?

Sample Answer of Talk about a Time where You Had Kept a Promise

I would like to talk about a promise that I have made recently to my father. The promise is just a belief or faith that we can able to remember at all times when we are doing related work to that promise. I have made the promise to my dad as I will achieve a job in a top MNC company within 2 months. As I said to my dad, I achieved that in 45 days, and for that, I had really worked hard to reach the goal. Like studying all the day practise quizzes. Why I had made a promise is because I strongly believe that If we promise others, we will be more concentrated on those things to reach the goal. The experience was amazing after cracking the interview, and after getting an offer letter with the high package, I feel over the moon.

Follow-ups Talk about a time where you had kept a promise

Question 1 Generally speaking, do Indian parents make promises to children?

Answer – Yes, of course. Parents make promised to their offspring to assure them of doing some of the things that they are not willing to do without promises.

Question 2 Do children also make promises to their parents?

Answer – Definitely yes. Children make promises to their parents. As I said earlier, in order to reach their goals and ensure to keep their parents happy, they make promises.

Question 3 Do most people fulfil their promises?

Answer – On the contrary, everyone makes promises, but all will not fulfil them.

Question 4 How do you feel when others break their promises?

Answer – To be honest, I just feel like a disaster, and I think at that time that without fulfilling then y they had made promises?

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