Describe an Art and Craft Activity that You Had You Should Say

Describe an Art and Craft Activity that You Had

Describe an art and craft activity that you had

You should say

  • What you made
  • How do you make it?
  • What it looked like?
  • And how you felt about the activity?

Sample Answer of Describe an Art and Craft Activity that You Had

When I was in my teenage, I was fond of doing craft activities, and my mother always motivated and helped me throughout every day, providing me with the stuff I asked for and every other help I needed with it. Once I painted a flower pot made of clay, and the innovative thing that we did was decorating it with rice and then again painting it over. Indeed it was amazing. We initially started by painting a pot with a light colour and highlighted its top. Then, we waited for it to dry. Next, we applied glue all over it and moved it in a container full of rice. Rice was nicely attached to it, and then we repainted it. It came out beautiful.

Follow-Ups Describe an Art and Craft Activity that You Had

Question1. What kinds of traditional handicrafts are there in your country?

Answer:-There are many people in my country who still survive by doing handicrafts. There is a ton of variety, and they are indeed very talented. They make pots, matkas, utensils of clay, decoration pieces, and so more.

Question2. Should children learn more about art? / What are the benefits of making handcrafts?

Answer:-yes children should know more about the craft. They should learn how beautiful it is to put in the effort and see how it turns out as well as the level of satisfaction one achieves is on the next level. They should be taught, and if they show interest, they can learn more about it.

Question3. Why do some people think it is difficult to understand art?

Answer:-understanding art requires a lot of patience and sharp vision, and every person does not master that. There are pieces of art that are expensive more than diamonds. Only a few understand its value. And it is very hard actually to identify a true art.

Question4. What can we do to make young people pay more attention to traditional art?

Answer:-we can make young people pay more attention to traditional art by actually showing them. bringing them to seminars and exhibitions where they see and realise the true value

Question5. Do you think art should be included in school curriculums? Why?

Answer:- yes, art should be included in schools classes as that is the age and the place where children grab the most of the things and at a fast pace. Introducing these subjects in school time is of great value.

Question6. Have you attended any lessons about art?

Answer:- yes I did have attended lessons for art . in my school time I had a subject named art till standard 8, and after that, I took a subject majored in arts in my grade 11 and 12. I learned a lot about paintings, drawings, still art as well.

Question7. Do people in your country send handicrafts as gifts?

Answer:-yes some people in my country still send handicrafts as gifts, which are considered of utmost importance and value. People still cherish such wonderful pieces.

Question8. What do young people think of traditional handicrafts?

Answer:-In this modern era, many young people are not into traditional art. they are more into modern art, but they should know the value of traditional art as well as its great importance and significance.

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