You Are in a High-Rise Building, Which Has a Communal Laundry Room

You Are in a High-Rise Building, Which Has a Communal Laundry Room

You are in a high-rise building, which has a communal laundry room. Sometimes people don’t come in time to empty the machines and other residents have to wait for a washer or driver. You think the building management should purchase 10 extra laundry baskets and make them available for such times, so the machines can be freed up.

Dear sir,

I am Vikas, and writing this letter to put to your attention a problem that I and other building members are encountering due to the communal laundry room and a limited number of machines available. I am from Block A, Park Vihar, new face building.

The serious concern is the availability of a few laundry machines. Some residents wait for their laundry done since previous users do not vacant machines, even after wash, on time. Yesterday, this happened to me too and I arrived late at a meeting because of waiting in queue for my turn to use a washing machine.

As a committee member, I would like to recommend a bog-standard but effective solution. You should buy few more laundry baskets, at least 10, as such whenever such situation arise in future people could vacant machines. This will not only curb the chaos of using machine, but also helps to free up them on time. As building management, you should look after this situation seriously and adopt precautionary measures or set up the time of use for all.

I am hoping for an optimistic action from your side as soon as possible.

Yours Sincerely,

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