Traditional Ideas From Older People About the Way to Live

Traditional Ideas From Older People About the Way to Live

Traditional ideas from older people about the way to live and behave are not helpful to young people and their futures. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

One of the most controversial topics between youngsters and adults is the difference between their way of living and behaving. It is mainly because of the huge generation gap and other factors like globalization and socialization. I too reckon that with passing time, the approach of old people is not helpful to young minds.

To begin with, teenagers are exponential risk-takers, they often believe in achieving success by any means without giving much thought, whereas the elders are mindful of their risks and avoid if its not worth taking it. For instance, adults are said to be miser believes in simple living, but young ones are spendthrifts as they believe in spending money to enjoy luxurious life. Moreover, adults always gave importance to family and strike a perfect balance between personal and professional life, whilst youngers are running a rat race, therefore unable to manage their work-life.

In addition, the adults’ value their own culture and tradition, however, the young population have an open-minded approach towards all customs. Furthermore, old groups possess a conservative mentality and are not open to change, but the young groups are radical and are adaptive to change. To exemplify, young people accept inter-faith marriages or same-sex marriages but the same is not being accepted by adults.

Thus, to conclude change is permanent and it is an undeniable fact that differences do exists between both the generations and the major reasons is the exposure young people are getting, is way too forward. Due to globalization, western culture had laid a massive impact on the lives of young blood. Nevertheless, the experiences of older might help youngers in the various walk of life.

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