Write a Letter of Invitation to a Friend for a Special Celebration (2) (1)

Write a Letter of Invitation to a Friend for a Special Celebration

Write a letter of invitation to a friend for a special celebration. In your letter include

An invitation for your friend
What the celebration is about
Travel and accommodation suggestions

Dear Guri,

Great to write to you after such a long time. I’d been waiting for such an occasion for a long time. Now, finally, it has come to invite you to join me on a significant occasion.

Furthermore, it’ll be a great time to join each other’s company. I would like you to come a few days earlier to help me make a good arrangement, as it is going to be a grand party.

You’ll be enthralled to know that the golden jubilee of my parents is about to celebrate in the Taj hotel, where all our guests are invited. I hope that there will be immense fun and frolic. Besides, your presence is a must on this auspicious day.

Moreover, you don’t need to worry about your stay and transport. I’ve arranged your stay at my home, and when you reach the bus station, one of my friends will pick you up and drop you at my home. I’ll be waiting for you at home for your warm welcome. In this way, you’ll be able to assist me in decorating the stage, selecting meals for guests, and a game for our guests.

Hoping to meet you soon!
Yours Loving,

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