You Are Leaving Your Job and Would like to Invite Your Friend to Replace You

You Are Leaving Your Job and Would like to Invite Your Friend to Replace You

You are leaving your job and would like to invite your friend to replace you. Write a letter to your friend.

In your letter, you should:
-describe the job
-explain the reason you are leaving
-tell them why you would recommend the job to him/her.

Dear Aman,

Hello there! Everything is as fit as a fiddle here, and I hope you find this in high spirits. I am writing this to make you aware that I am resigning from my current job position due to medical issues, and the company asked me for my replacement; I recommend your name since I know well you are the only one that is highly competent for this job.

You have to work as an accountant. It consists of many tasks that you have to undertake daily basis, such as preparing books of accounts, keeping a record of cash in chronological order and liaison with other legal matters. I am well aware that you have been working in your respective field since 2017 and your honesty, dedication, hard-working attitude, and accounting skills helped me to opt for you as a suitable candidate for this work. Therefore, I gave your recommendation.

I am not doing well nowadays. Last month, I met with an accident wherein a car hit me hard, and I was hospitalised for a week. Later on, although I resumed my work with low productivity because of a spinal cord injury. As such, now I have to go for surgery, and it will take 6 months to recover. Hence, I want you to join.

I hope you enjoy the working environment and good luck with this better career option.


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