Many Young People Change Their Jobs and Careers (4) (1)

Many Young People Change Their Jobs and Careers

Many young people change their jobs and careers. What is the reason for this? Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

It has been seen that youngsters change their occupation and career. Out of many reasons, low wages, as well as inhospitable ambience, are the predominant reasons. This trend is more disadvantageous than the advantages that I will elaborate on in the subsequent paragraphs.

First off, people are discontented with the remuneration that they get from their employers. They find it hard to meet the basic needs of their family. So, they have no other option but to switch to other employment. For instance, in many firms, personnel do overwork and avoid taking leave; but, they are not paid well, inspired by being loyal, committed to their job. So, they feel disabled to bear the expenses of their children’s school fees as well as purchasing other necessary items for them. So, relocating to another workplace remains the last option for them. Besides, the inhospitable ambience at the workplace compels them to make a shift in their job. Sometimes, they have conflicts with their counterparts and many times, long working hours without a break become the root cause of this transformation.

Furthermore, it is rightly said that changing occupation for getting high income doesn’t work well. As, when employees change their job, they take a lot of time to adjust to a new environment. Conflicts can also emerge there. If staff consider that they will get handsome income; then, there are greater chances of spending the whole salary on buying things for the new house to make it able to live. So, it is a futile effort to move from one job to another. Apart from it, if they are exposed to the outer world and meet new people, building trust takes a lot of time in today’s era. So, people think twice to build relationships with others. At the same time, it is easier for them at their old position. So, it brings more trouble for the individuals than benefits.

There are various reasons for changing a job or a career, such as meagre payment and uncongenial aura. Although they get promotions and higher wages; albeit, it has more adverse consequences like their spending increase and difficulty adjusting to a new place.

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