In Some Countries 18 Is the Legal Age to Vote

In Some Countries 18 Is the Legal Age to Vote

In some countries, 18 is the legal age to vote, to drive and to marry, while it’s higher in some others. Do you think it’s the right age? Support your statement with relevant examples

From the past decades onwards, it is a debatable issue that the age limit has to be equal in the entire world. Some argue that the right age has to be 18 years in which they can have the right to vote and can drive and marry legally. I completely accord with this assertion. In this essay, I will provide a few relevant illustrations in detail.

First off, below the age of 18 years, that is the teenage age, don’t have a lot of maturities irrespective of education. The Government has declared the age as the qualify to drive and vote for their leader. Besides that, they can also marry anyone without permission from their families if they wish to do so. For instance, In India, it is illegal if an offspring or teenager drives. Because of safety reasons, the government authorities have planned the rules. We have to follow the rules as per the guidelines.

On the other hand, in some countries, the government officials believe that there has to be more age irrespective of 18 years. If their age is more than 18 years, they can easily face all the good results. If their age is below 20 years and more than 18 years, their maturity levels are low. So, in a few countries, the government and the public are not agreeing to the age limit as 18.

To recapitulate, the age limit of more than 18 years has the right to vote, drive as well as marry someone. Although it is the exact age and there are no limitations on this.

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