Write a Letter of Complaint About Late Delivery to The Website GT Writing Task 1

Write a Letter of Complaint About Late Delivery to The Website: GT Writing Task 1

Write a letter of complaint about late delivery to the website where you ordered an item. In the letter, you should tell:-

  • what item did you order?
  • why and when did you order that item?
  • how would you like them to resolve this issue?

Hello team,

I am writing this mail in regards to the order I placed on 03/03/2022, item name: MamyPoko pants baby diapers, as it is mandatory for our travel. While I was confirming my order, it was mentioned that I would receive the package within 3-5 working days. But unfortunately, I have not received it yet. Despite my calls and follow-ups on my package, it is still not delivered. As you can see, the item in the order is a baby product, and we need it immediately.

I regret to inform you that we are greatly disappointed with your service lately. We must look for an alternative to get our product. I recommend you either refund our money on cancelling the order or give us a refund for delivery charges if you can deliver the package by today.

Looking forward to your timely response.

Thank you,

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