Violence in Society Increases when More Violence Is Shown on Television (1)

Violence in Society Increases when More Violence Is Shown on Television

Violence in society increases when more violence is shown on television. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Television provides a lot of information all around the globe. But in the Modern era, TV Channels Shows incorrect information to increase their popularity. It is happening because today there are many competitions among various channels. It creates a negative impact on society as well as children. So, I agree that more violence increase in society than television.

Nowadays, television is one way to give all types of information to people. We can gather the good or bad type of news via Media. But Many times, Media gives wrong information and support the wrong community to take more TRP compared to other channels. For Instance, Live debates showing on many news channels about religion, politics, etc. It creates negativity on people minds who are related to other religions and who support other political communities. This differentiate issue creates often hurt people, and they become selfish and start hating each other. Sometimes they became aggressive and created violent situations around them. For example, In India, most of the days, violence has generally been argued between Hindus and Muslims.

Furthermore, People spend more time on TV and Mobile. Many violent programmes on television and the internet influence people to commit crimes and incite violence. Social media such as WhatsApp and Facebook have the feature to communicate with others and spread violence without any censorship. Children are not mature enough; so many fraud people brainwash through Social apps or media and provoke children as well as elders to do the crime. Another negative effect is, In many thriller movies and crime shows, actors perform stunts and crime, Showing this audience believe that such activities are becoming them famous like actors. Such as there are many reports of people committing the same crimes because of watching crime thriller films and shows.

To Conclude through television news and crime shows promotes people to spread violence and many contents persuade people, so violence increases in society more than television.

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