The Use of Social Media Is Replacing Face-To-Face Interaction Among Many People in Society Writing Task 2

The Use of Social Media Is Replacing Face-To-Face Interaction Among Many People in Society: Writing Task 2

The use of social media is replacing face-to-face interaction among many people in society. Do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

Today, interaction has become so flexible and easy thanks to the advancement of technology which brought about the emergence of social media. Social media is gradually replacing face to face interaction among people, which, I think to a reasonable extent, has been beneficial when it comes to communication.

To understand how beneficial social media has been to society, it is important to note how communication was very rigid in the 80s and 90s. People depended solely on the face to face interaction or writing letters; perhaps it could take weeks or months before a letter would reach its destination. Also, the challenge of misplacing or losing a letter was all part of its difficulties.

Interestingly, the emergence of social media has made the flow of communication very easy and also cheaper, instead of waiting for months or years to interact with our loved ones, which can be easily achieved presently via WhatsApp or skype. It also saves the stress of waiting for a long time before important information is sent across, but now we receive accurate information 80% of the time through social media as it relates to interaction. Clearly, today, we can do meetings and hold church services without having to be at the venue physically, hence my reason for stating it is cheaper.

In short, social media is and will continue to be a great advantage to our society at large, as this has brought us closer than ever by connecting us to people both far and near. Therefore social media has more advantages, and I will continue to promote it where need be.

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