You and Your Friend Booked Theatre Tickets in Advance GT Writing Task 1

You and Your Friend Booked Theatre Tickets in Advance: GT Writing Task 1

You and your friend booked theatre tickets in advance. Apologise to your friend as you can’t make it to the theatre with him. In the letter, you should:-

  • Apologise?
  • Explain the reasons why you can’t make it?
  • Give options on what can be done with the tickets?

Dear Jacob,

I hope you are doing well. I am writing to tell you that I will not be able to use the theatre tickets that we booked in advance. I am so sorry about this, and I did not see it happening this way. I know how much you wanted us to go together and all the effort we put in to get the tickets. Please accept my apologies. Due to reasons beyond my control, I have to be at a wedding that day.

You know my Aunt that lives in Lagos, whom I have often told you stories about, her last child Doris will be getting married on that day. I have been chosen as the welfare personnel to ensure that every guest is treated and fed well. Honestly, I tried to make excuses, but none was reasonable enough not to attend my cousin’s wedding.

However, I spoke with a couple of friends who have been longing to get those tickets but couldn’t because they did not book on time, they are willing to take the tickets for the same amount we bought them, isn’t that a great deal? At least we get our money back and then wait for a better time to go together as soon as I get back. Better still, if you do not want to miss this for another time, Lola indicated interest; I can offer her my ticket so you two can go together.

Please reply to me as soon as you get this, with the option you prefer, so I can quickly make the arrangement.

Looking forward to seeing you as soon as I get back from my trip

All the best

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