The Best Way to Solve the World’s Environmental Problems Is to Increase the Cost of Fuel for Cars and Other Private Vehicles (2) (1)

The Best Way to Solve the World’s Environmental Problems Is to Increase the Cost of Fuel for Cars and Other Private Vehicles

The best way to solve the world’s environmental problems is to increase the cost of fuel for cars and other private vehicles. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Well, today topic is quite an interesting one, as well it is the most important one which helps in the better living environment. Firstly to live a happy life we need to have a good atmosphere and environmental surroundings; it is most important to keep our atmosphere a pollution-free planet, so to keep our planet neat and clean we have to plant more trees that will keep our earth more protective.

Nowadays in metropolitan cities more number of vehicles being used, people tend to forget using public transports, even though many public means of transport are available people find it more convenient using their own vehicles. People views are narrow rather than broad-minded. It has become a trend where, people who cannot afford to take their own vehicle they commute by public transports, apart from that most of them are using their own vehicle. When you think about global warming, the main reason it is happening is because of vehicle pollutions, it leaves more carbon dioxide, and there are fewer trees to observe those harmful chemicals, due to our own personal reasons we are cutting many trees, deforesting so many lands that make the global warming worst situation.

So to stop this pollution we have to increase the price of fuel, then people will slowly use public transports by doing that our pollution can be controlled to some extent; the main purpose of increasing fuel is to make all people use public transports.

I agree with the price increase of fuel will help in reducing global warming, nowadays many electric vehicles are also available, but it is not that convenient to drive for long travel, it can be used within the city limit, I suggest everyone use public transport and to reduce the pollution so that we can protect our earth.

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