Talk about Your Favourite Day of the Week (2) (1)

Talk about Your Favourite Day of the Week

Talk about your favourite day of the week; You should say:

  • what day is it?
  • What do you usually do on that day?
  • How is this day different to you from other days of the week?
  • And explain why this is your favourite day of the week?

Sample Answer of Talk about Your Favourite Day of the Week

Well, professionally, I am a teacher, and I have been in this profession since 2017; at present, I am a teacher at a public school which is in my Hometown, and I can say that whole weekdays have gone very busy nowadays for me since the recent school opened after the pandemic covid pandemic.

Hence, teachers are pressured to complete their curriculum and revise the content as exams are upcoming. So most of the weekdays I feel very hectic Among whole week my favourite day is Sunday because of some particular reasons 1st of all on this particular day I feel free from all sorts of anxieties, stress and hectic routine life on this day I can live on my own terms and conditions such as no need to wake up early in the morning no need to get dressed up no commuting no lectures no books nothing at all on this day I wake up by 10:00 in the morning and then after tea.

I usually have my breakfast and then watch my favourite show is the Kapil Sharma Show, a comedy-based show, and I watch this with my family. Later on, during lunchtime, we all set sit together at the dining hall and have lunch together. I love this time very much since we all get together, and we like to share each other’s happening in their lives.

After this, I usually go to my personal room, watch my favourite rap series, and read books. I have a great passion for reading books, so I do this mostly on weekends because I get ample time to complete one book in 1 day. In this way, I end up my whole day. While doing nothing hectic, I can easily say at this particular day I can live according to my preference and convenience, so altogether if I put all days on equal terms, then definitely I can say the Sunday is my favourite day among all.

Follow-ups Talk about Your Favourite Day of the Week.

Question 1. Which day of the week do you like most?

Answer – For the whole week I like the weekend most that is Sunday because at this day and early morning I have this morning I have no hurry to wake up in the early morning apart from this on Sundays I’m completely free from all kinds of Office stuff’s father move furthermore I can enjoy this day as for my own terms with my family at my personal and favourite place.

Question 2. How can You enjoy Sunday at home?

Answer – Basically to make my Sunday more pleasures or appealing I’d like to watch Web series on Netflix furthermore I tried different cuisines at my home the last word not least on this special day I’d like to sleep as much as I can so that I can be ready for the upcoming week

Question 3. What do families do on Sunday?

Answer – If I take the example of my own family then I can see on Sundays families like to To do many different activities such as cooking delicious cuisines watching a movie together playing an indoor game or going for any outdoor activity such as shopping or visiting any special plays and at the end of the day everyone like to have a special dinner together either at home or at restaurant

Question 4. How do You enjoy the fun and enjoy life?

Answer – It’s common everywhere like to enjoy anything I like to get involved in that and try to achieve the pleasure of the activity like whenever I watch movies I do collect collocations from it which have which helps to develop my English-speaking skills as well as my vocabulary

Question 5. What do you think about names of the days important in everyone’s life

Answer – I don’t think there is any specific purpose of the purpose of names of days I believe these are only used to remember the things like on this particular day we have to do this thing or in planning purpose

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