Talk About Something that You Have Borrowed from A Friend (2)

Talk About Something that You Have Borrowed from A Friend

Talk about something that you have borrowed from a friend. Please say

  • What do you borrow, and when?
  • Who did you borrow it from?
  • Why did you borrow it?
  • And explain how you felt after borrowing it?

Sample Answer of Talk About Something that You Have Borrowed from A Friend

Borrowing is the taking and using something else that belongs to someone with the intention of returning it as it is. People borrow something when they are not able to buy it immediately, and then they lend it to someone. It is a good habit to help someone in a time of need. Whereas borrowing is of many types may be financially or maybe something. Some people lend a car, some money, some books or many other things. Two weeks ago, my friend told me about a book that she has, an English grammar book bought from the best bookstore in our country. This book has the more advanced feature as the glossary, synonyms of difficult words, a wide range of lexical approaches, detail of parts of speech and many others. While the preparing for IELTS exam, I feel the need for some extra grammar approach for better band scores. The book told by my friend is out of stock in the market, but I had a great need of a grammar book for a better score. I borrow an English grammar book from my friend. Moreover, this book is very beneficial for my exam. It has a wide lexical range with synonyms of different words. It also has a dictionary which helps me to make different kinds of sentences in different styles. I am very glad and feel enthusiastic about taking this book. Eventually, it helps to score best in IELTS. I am greatly thankful to my friend. She helps me in times of difficulty by giving me her grammar book.

Follow-ups of Talk About Something that You Have Borrowed from A Friend

Question 1:- What part of teaching children should parents be responsible for?

Answer- Parents are the basic school for most children. They learn different moral values from them and different attitudes and good habits. Parents give them the main foundation to face society with good deeds.

Question 2:- Should children learn how to share?

Answer- Yes, children are as a blackboard which we teach is like a print on their mind. Children should learn to share with their parents, society and teachers.

Question 3:- What is a good way to teach children to share things?

Answer- Children can be taught by their parents. They should talk about sharing why it is good for them and others. After sharing, give them plenty of attention and praise. Play games with them that involve sharing with fun because children teach more in gaming mode.

Question 4:- Do parents teach children to share things in your country?

Answer- Yes, in my country, sharing is more motivated by parents. They teach them that sharing is an essential element of the good life. Being a good socialist share is the best thing to help someone in a time of need.

Question 5:- What kind of things are children being asked to share?

Answer- They are taught to share things on a small scale as giving a pencil rubber or helping someone with difficulty, and many more.

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