Talk About a Time when You Had to Wait in A Long Line (2) (1)

Talk About a Time when You Had to Wait in A Long Line

Talk about a time when you had to wait in a long line

  • when it was,
  • how long was the queue/line was,
  • what it was about,
  • How do you feel about waiting in this long queue or line?

Sample Answer of Talk About a Time when You Had to Wait in A Long Line

This is the most knowing experience for everyone, which I am going to tell you right now. This happened three years before, back in 2018, when the government has announced to banning of currency notes of thousand and five hundred. Everyone from street to big house living person was on mile-long queue to just for exchange or deposit of currency note to their bank account.

I still remember that people were coming in front of banks before the first light of the sun around 5 AM. Everyone was thinking of exchange. Although this was a good decision against corruption and black money, people had to waste many times just waiting in the lime, and only ten people were allowed to go into the bank at a time. When our time comes, we feel like the victory of the third world war for us.

Follow-ups of Talk About a Time when You Had to Wait in A Long Line

Question 1. What do people like to do while waiting in line?

Answer:- Most people use mobile phones and do some socializing on social networking websites. In addition, after getting bored, queue members start to interact with each other and communication starts, and that will end when the queue ends. I remember that many people got a job with reference of person meets in this queue Only.

Question 2. Do Indian people often wait in the queue?

Answer:- Yes, we have to wait in a queue on many occasions like to buy tickets for airlines, movies, famous restaurants, government announcements and many unwanted but required work lines.

Question 3. What do you think who jump the queue?

Answer:- Well, I have no idea about the questions; hence I want to pass this one.

Question 4. How can companies improve their customer service?

Answer:- Companies collect feedback from customers by customer surveys also by selling some items at a lower price and noting down customers’ behaviour. By doing this, they have enough data on which sector or area companies have to improve.

Question 5. Do you think the development of technology has reduced the time people have to wait in queues?

Answer:- Yes, definitely. Due to the expansion and acceptance of digital technology, we do not have to wait in line to pay the electricity bills or to purchase movie tickets. However, there are some sectors like banking service, people still afraid about online transactions and avoid digital service hence they have to wait in queue for banking.

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