Talk about a Time when Was the First Time You Admired the Sky

Talk about a Time when Was the First Time You Admired the Sky or a Beautiful Sky You Enjoyed Seeing; You should say:

  • What were you doing?
  • Who was with you?
  • What did you see?

Sample Answer of Talk about a Time when Was the First Time You Admired the Sky or a Beautiful Sky You Enjoyed Seeing

Well, nature is beautiful in itself. It has the power to turn the sad faces of people into happy one. I consider that nature is the best companion for every person. Here I would like to speak about a time when I first admired the sky. Actually, it was a day when there was a power outage, and we were not able to bear sweating. So it was time to make dinner, and I thought to have it on the terrace of our house. All my family members and I went to the top to take dinner under the open sky.

It was really a fantastic day as we blew candles; but, due to moonlight, everything was visible. We were jubilant to see the sky after taking dinner. Because there was no other source to kill time as the light had gone. So my brother and I started to count the stars. We knew that we couldn’t count the stars because these were countless, but it was a good source of passing the time and appreciating nature. So we made different shapes of stars with our imagination.

We talked about a lot, like how the stars are formed, and we also reminded one of our childhood rhymes, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. All in all, it was a wonderful day in the open sky. Some stars were shining brightly, while some were dull. We also noticed a shooting star, as we had watched in many films, that fulfilled the desire of any person. Although we knew that it couldn’t happen, as it was a myth. So we also tried to wish to have another day on the terrace. So we enjoyed it a lot and praised nature that is ever beautiful and gives us many things without taking any charge from us.

Follow-ups Talk about a Time when Was the First Time You Admired the Sky or a Beautiful Sky You Enjoyed Seeing.

Question 1 Why is it that people like to examine the skies?

Answer – People like to see the sky because they feel a bond with nature. They feel relax and consider that there is no friend better than nature. So they talk with nature and share their experiences to get relief.

Question 2 Do you understand any story associated with planets?

Answer – Yes, I understand any story that is linked with any planet. I had watched on television such stories when aliens travelled to earth from other planets and made the life of people easy by giving them supernatural powers. Since then, I have been getting the meaning of any story that is linked with any planet.

Question  3 Do you believe kids should be told world stories to better their creativity?

Answer – Yes, stories really enhance children’s creativity, and if they get exposure to worldly stories, then there are more chances of enhancing their imagination. They will not constraint themselves to their own nation, and they will think about another world, which can help them establish their career as a writer. So stories are powerful weapons to improve the creativity of children.

Question 4 Can kids be profited from watching celebrities?

Answer – No, I don’t think watching celebrities’ lifestyle is worthwhile for the children. They can take the lifestyle of celebrities in a positive as well as in a negative way. But as psychology states that the mind of any person is attracted towards more negative things. So children are immature; they can’t understand the difference between right and wrong. So I think they must have stayed away from this glamorous world and they must focus on their study, sports and other activities that can help them in their overall development.

Question 5 Would you prefer to see films on planets?

Answer: I would definitely like to watch films on planets because this will keep me away from worldly problems. It is a worthwhile activity to enhance my knowledge and experience a new world that I have never seen.

Question 6 Would you love to see the skies when you’re young?

Answer – Definitely youngsters like to see the sky more because they consider nature as their best friend. In my youth, I also admired the sky, talked with nature and shared my experiences. It was a pleasant experience for me, and now I have the same feelings, and nature rejuvenates me.

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