Some People Believe that Increasing Business and Cultural Contact (1)

Some People Believe that Increasing Business and Cultural Contact

Some people believe that increasing business and cultural contacts between different countries have positive development, while others disagree. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Whether the notion of having more connections between the nations around the world has merits or demerits is a spirited debate. It is meant to be a beneficial development for some and a contradiction to others. In my perspective, this trend has both elements incurred in different ways, which will be discussed in this essay.

It is believed by some that increasing the number of contacts among the countries would be beneficial due to stronger relationships and economic growth. If the businesses from different nations interact more, there will be more understanding between the entrepreneurs and consumers around the world, which results in more productivity. To exemplify, exceptionally strong trading can be formed between the connecting countries, which can, in turn, lead to an exorbitant increase in product sales globally. Consequently, this tremendous growth in sales would contribute immensely to the world’s economy. On the other hand, the cultural connections help individuals understand the other country’s traditions and languages, which would help them explore and learn more about others. Hence, this whole trend would make the entire world more harmonious.

Conversely, few people believe that the business and cultural exchange between the nations has some downsides because it could impair national identities. Firstly, the invasion of dominant cultures may eradicate domestic cultural development. For instance, if more priority is given to Hollywood films in India, the local film industry would not be enhanced. Secondly, more international trade may negatively influence the younger generation as they are more impressionable. To elucidate, adolescents can completely emulate Western products sold globally by international businesses, resulting in the eradication of national belongings.

Although the phenomenon of improvised connections between the countries has been positive with enhanced relationships and economic growth, I believe that governments and individuals must also take the negative side of losing the national identity and taking necessary actions.

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