Some People Say It Is More Important to Plant Trees in the Open Spaces in Towns (2) (1)

Some People Say It Is More Important to Plant Trees in the Open Spaces in Towns

Some people say it is more important to plant trees in the open spaces in towns and cities than build more housing. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Planting trees has become a need of an hour to cope with climate change. So, it is suggested that people should grow plants in vacant spaces in urban or suburban areas. I completely agree with the statement because unoccupied spaces can be used effectively to beautify cities or towns. Moreover, trees purify the air and control other environmental hazards.

To commence with, growing trees in empty spaces can add more charm to the beauty of the place. The places will fascinate the residents and develop a bond with nature; resultantly, they can protest against deforestation if it occurs in the future. To exemplify, masses currently migrate to metropolitan areas, and this increasing influx makes it mandatory to construct houses. So, if the vacant spaces are occupied by growing more trees; then, building homes in those spaces can urge the natives of those places to raise their voice against it. So, they will not let this work take place there. Besides, people will grow more in order to have a natural environment that will be conducive to relaxing them.

Furthermore, trees help alot in creating a balance in nature. They are the best source of purifying the air. Individuals get fresh air. In addition, they are beneficial in controlling global warming and other problems like soil erosion. For instance, a few months ago, it can be seen in Delhi that people were dying due to a lack of oxygen. Then, people were thinking to grow more plants to rely completely on nature. If there were more trees, then, to some extent, people could control the situation. Moving further, floods and droughts are ubiquitous; therefore, trees are boon to fight climate change. They can control environmental problems.

To conclude, thus, growing trees are more important in the unoccupied spaces of towns or cities to add more charm to the beauty of the urban areas. Apart from it, they help monitor natural calamities and provide a congenial ambience to the people.

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