Talk About a Special Hotel You Stayed in Speaking Cue Card (1)

Talk About a Special Hotel You Stayed in Speaking Cue Card

Talk about a special hotel you stayed in

  • Where it is, What it is like,
  • Why you go there,
  • And how you felt about it

Sample Answer of Talk About a Special Hotel You Stayed in Speaking Cue Card

Although there are plenty of hotels I have stayed in, my favourite hotel is Lombok five star hotel in Lombok island, which is in Bali, Indonesia.

The hotel is completely furnished with the old-fashioned way and got a lot of compliments from all the day-trippers. Whereas, the hotel is situated near the beach and has a lot of activities that we can indulge in our free time. Nearby beaches, they have a swing bed which is the utmost favourite of mine. My husband and I went there for relaxation during our peak hours of work stress. After having amazing scrumptious food, I feel like over the moon, and sometimes I feel that tsunamis can also occur more frequently there and a little bit scared of the place. But the beauty of the area and welcoming nature of the people or staff in the hotel and the furniture over there is outstanding, and I am even planning this year on new years eve to go there again but with the entire family.

Follow-ups of Talk About a Special Hotel You Stayed in Speaking Cue Card

Question 1. Do the ratings of people influence their choice?

Answer:- Yes, of course. Before choosing any place, inhabitants generally check their ratings because they even can’t take any risk after visiting the place, and even they check the ambience and food and overall ratings, which are beneficial for them in the long run.

Question 2. How do people reserve rooms?

Answer:- There are multiple ways to reserve a room, like by phone or in-person or via websites. They generally prefer to book mostly on websites after seeing the pictures and facilities they provide for the room.

Question 3. What influences people’s choice of hotels?

Answer:- Generally, people prefer to book or stay near the beaches and outskirts of the cities to enjoy nature and to escape from the sound or air pollution so that they can enjoy themselves with their families or friends without any disturbances.

Question 4. What’s the difference between hotels in your country and hotels abroad?

Answer:- There are a lot of variations are there. Suppose, in my nation, hotels are not so good for stay, and few of the hotels are too good but expensive. At the same time, hotels in other countries are expensive and even though their maintenance and facilities are also outstanding.

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