Talk About a Piece of Clothes that You Wore on A Formal Occasion (2) (1)

Talk About a Piece of Clothes that You Wore on A Formal Occasion

Talk about a piece of clothes that you wore on a formal occasion

  • What it looked like,
  • What occasion you wore it at,
  • Why you would wear it,
  • How you feel about it

Sample Answer of Talk About a Piece of Clothes that You Wore on A Formal Occasion

OK, I would love to talk about a particular cloth my father bought for me when I was about 20 years old, then I was preparing for an interview that will enable me to get part-time work in a company while I was waiting for my secondary school result, it was a yellow turtle neck long sleeve shirt with different colours of flowers in a yellow background, I wore it with a long A-line skirt which I fastened with a belt to my waist. Anytime I wear it makes me feel like a responsible woman. It gives me a sense of belonging, and I kept that cloth for a long time. Though it’s not my size anymore, I cherished it.

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Question 1:- What kinds of clothes do people wear after work?

They normally put on casual wear that will make them free some ladies may wear a sleeveless top and a short, while the males can put on a singlet and sometimes knickers.

Question 2:- What kinds of clothes should people wear at work?

They should dress according to the nature of their work but responsibly and not expose themselves to any form of harm.

Question 3:- Do you think it is necessary for children to wear school uniforms?

Yes, for me they should, it will reduce the spirit of competition among parents who will try to make their children wear the most expensive outfit, also the uniform act as a symbol to identify schools in a given area.

Question 4:- Where do people in your country buy clothes?

Mostly go to markets rather than boutiques because the latter sells costly no room for bargaining, but in the market, you make a choice both in price and in the material.

Question 5:- When do people wear formal clothes?

Mostly wear it when going for a job interview, as I said in my own case, or when they have an appointment with a popular professional in one field or another.

Question 6:- Will the way we dress influence the way we behave?

Yes, it does remarkable because the way we dress portrays who we are and what we want to be; for example, if someone wears a very short skirt and a sleeveless top, a lot of makeup and the hairstyle is not well kept, it will quickly tell the person looking at her that she is somehow not responsible.

Question 7:- Do you think people need to wear formally in the workplace? Why do some people like to wear traditional clothes?

It’s good to wear formal clothes; however, traditional wear portrays the identity of the wearer and also promotes his or her culture.

Question 8:- Why do some people like to wear traditional clothes?

IT looks good on them, some are cheap with their desired style, and design also shows where they are from.

Question 9:- Will traditional clothes disappear in the future? Do old people change their style of dressing?

I don’t think that will happen because a lot of people are now promoting traditional fabrics and most people also enjoy creating their own style, and it suits them that’s why on most occasions you see mostly traditional wears, old people changed little of their style but not the material, in the tribe I come from women wear skimpy wrapper around their waist but now it is not so.

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