Some Think that Quality Art Can Be Made by Anyone (2) (1)

Some Think that Quality Art Can Be Made by Anyone

Some think that quality art can be made by anyone, while others think that it requires special talent and ability. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Art, which is considered an expression of human creation, is a visual form of emotion. In this context, some people believe that anyone can create quality artwork, while others opine that it is only done by a person who has special talent and ability. However, this essay discusses both these perspectives before reaching a recent conclusion.

On the one hand, the former group argues that anybody can create any artwork. They say so because art is an expression of emotion which can include painting like natural protection, saving water so on. they put forward an example, in primary classes, there is a special day for artwork which is known as arts day, in this day children can express their thoughts and imagination to create good paintings and authorize people will give a prize for the good painting. Further, added that art is only an individual creation to inform or express good thoughts to the Universe by a visual form. Therefore, the supporters of the group uphold the view that everyone has an inbuilt power to do any artwork by themselves.

On the other hand, the latter group deems that art is done only by an artist who has relevant skills and knowledge about different artwork. For them, a professional artist only knows that how to draw a perfect picture with different thoughts; it includes their imagination and knowledge. They cite an example, according to the artist Association in America says that a good skilled artist has the power to read the state of mind of the painter while seeing his painting. Moreover, a professional artist is capable of explaining the idea of painting. However, for others, it is just like a picture. Hence, it is clear that a skilful artist has to know how to present good artwork to the public.

To sum up, having analyzed both these viewpoints, I tend to stand with the letter group. I believe that only a professional artist is capable of doing artwork by using his knowledge and imagination.

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