Some Think that Governments Should Support Retired People Financially While Others

Some Think that Governments Should Support Retired People Financially While Others

Some think that governments should support retired people financially while others believe they should take care of themselves. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

It is a fact that when people are getting old, they have less energy and health to take part in work life. Some think that government have to take care of older citizens financially, and some think they have to take care of themselves. Today I am going to describe both views in further writing.

As I know, people with the retirement age cannot work properly because they do not have the energy to do the work properly, and it is very important for them to survive without any financial support. So government should provide the funds to them to survive because money is important for everyone to survive on this planet. Government should give them money so they can easily the rest of life easily and cannot do the work after they get to retire because, after the age of 60, some people suffer from very common diseases like Diabetes, heart problems and so on. So they have to purchase their regular medicines for them and many more expenses like daily needs. So it this the responsibility of the government to take care of them.

While others believe that they should take care of themselves but I think it is a very tough thing to do because, without any financial support, they cannot survive properly. Some people do their small businesses to survive after their retirement, but not everyone can do.

In conclusion, I believe that government must provide that money to the retired people and also provide the free treatment in a government hospital with the help that people can easily survive after their retirement.

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