Some People Say that We Are Spending Too Much Money on Personal Events Such as Weddings (1)

Some People Say that We Are Spending Too Much Money on Personal Events Such as Weddings

Some people say that we are spending too much money on personal events such as weddings and birthdays. Why is it important to celebrate these events? Do you think we are spending too much money?

Sample Answer of Some People Say that We Are Spending Too Much Money on Personal Events Such as Weddings

It is argued by a few masses that people utilize maximum money on individual celebrations such as birthdays and anniversaries. They consider spending lavishly because of maintaining their status in society. In my perspective, individuals must not throw money excessively, because in the long run, if they do, there are more chances of becoming a pauper.

First off, currently, it is in vogue to throw money excessively on celebrating birthdays as well as weddings. There are many reasons and out of them, maintaining the status quo is the prime factor. To classify it, if people are spendthrift in organizing grand parties or weddings; then, people make them popular, and everybody wants to be in contact with that person. The classical epitome is the case of Mukesh Ambani, who spent a lot of money on his daughter’s marriage and the presence of famous celebrities was the icing on the cake for the marriage. So, I think it was a pretention to display wealth, and the person remains in the limelight for utilizing more on that function. Besides, the masses want to make their day memorable. They believe that they get married only once and in order to collect reminiscence, they do not hesitate to spend more on personal events. For instance, many people bear the expenses of famous celebrities to have their presence on their auspicious occasions. Some prefer to have these functions outside their country. So, they make it for ages.

Furthermore, in my perspective, people utilize more on these events. They do this to seek media attention, and they want respect from people. Now, people live in the hypocritical world, where making personal events are expensive, only give people temporary happiness and this trend lead them to ruin their life by turning them into a bankrupt. So, I think people should not spend a huge amount of money on their personal events.

To conclude. Thus people throw the lion’s share to celebrate anniversaries or birthday parties to display their wealth and make their day memorable. I assume this trend can make them penniless. So, people must abandon this habit.

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