Some People Think Movies Should Only Be for Entertainment

Some People Think Movies Should Only Be for Entertainment

Some people think movies should only be for entertainment. Others think that they should also have educational values. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

In today’s era, digital media has a huge impact on the population. It has a wide coverage and response rate. Movies should be for entertainment or should have educational values; each individual has a different point of view in context to that. The major area that should be kept in mind is that people of all age groups have access to it. I will dig deep into the discussion in body paragraphs one and two.

Why do people watch movies? Some say to have fun, have some change in routine, to pass free time. I have least heard anyone claiming that they are going to learn something new from the movie. We all know we have kids movies which we want them to watch in order to gain knowledge. For instance, Baby’s day out is a fun family movie, fast and furious is fiction, and there are many more in different languages, subtitles and regions. Today’s world has ‘n’ number of choices available and what they choose to watch is their own wish. No one has pressure to change their opinion based on the outer world’s sayings as 1000 people = 1000 different opinions, and no one is under any pressure.

On the other side of the coin, movies having an educational point of view is a great way to make a message reach millions at the same time. As I mentioned above, it has a wide coverage and an outstanding response rate. Writers and directors are getting into this theme as it is an inspirational idea. I remember a movie from Bollywood named ‘baghwan’ that portrayed Indian values and their culture. It gave a strong and beautiful message that parents should always be respected and be taken care of in their old age. They deserve the world after all their hard work, and it also made people think that hard work pays off and is that really today’s reality. It made them learn. There are much more available in Hollywood; Netflix has many shows and movies that are amazing, comedy, fun and educational.

I’ll sum up my writing by saying, people have unique opinions and choices, and there are many options available to watch from. I believe movies having educational values is a good point as it greatly influences the generation. If this helps the generation to learn something during this time of the pandemic, it is an applauding thing because tons of people had worked hard to make a movie successful. It’s the people who need to decide what they want to watch because they have many options, and it is what they want to get influenced by.

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