Some People Fear that Technology Is Gradually Taking Over Control of Our Lives Writing Task 2

Some People Fear that Technology Is Gradually Taking Over Control of Our Lives: Writing Task 2

Some people fear that technology is gradually taking over control of our lives, while others think that it has led to many positive developments in all aspects of their lives. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

Nowadays, human beings are more civilized than ever. Perhaps, it is not uncommon to hear about new technologies and inventions. Though mostly technologies help to simplify life and increase efficiency and effectiveness, some argue that it is making a barrier not to having a natural way of life. And there are different ideations in this regard; let us in detail.

To begin with, 21st century is called the information era, and the name is given to emphasize the value of the information in this period. Moreover, it is obvious that information and technology are two sides of a single coin. Perhaps, advancements in telecommunication, automation, machinery and science have been giving relief from headaches of different challenges. Hence it is accepted by almost all populations throughout the world. Furthermore, it is because of technology that humans can reach and explore the solar system and benefit from it.

However, there are times when individuals wish that some technologies had not been invented. For instance, after the introduction of social media like Facebook, snapshot, telegram and Instagram, having a proper conversation among friends and family members is not as usual. Even communication between couples showed a loosening of intimacy as a result of such platforms. Similarly, study time and concentration in school have been a challenge for parents since the worldwide use of the internet; here, it is good to mention what China did about this issue. In order to avoid harm due to unsupervised access to everything on social media, China’s government has decided to ban the use of faces in the country. Not only this, all porn movie sites are blocked `not be seen in China. Hence, this will declare to the world that not every aspect of technology does good, so it is good to monitor the effect and take measures accordingly.

In Conclusion, technology is the fruit of many trials and scarification. Undoubtedly, thanks to technology, life on earth are much easier and more attractive today than in the Stone Age. Of course, it will be illogical to deny the importance of civilization. However, it is also invaluable to observe unwanted consequences and find a solution for them.

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