Movies and Computer Games Containing Violence Are Popular (2) (1)

Movies and Computer Games Containing Violence Are Popular

Movies and computer games containing violence are popular. Some people say they have a negative effect on society and should be censored. Others say they are just harmless relaxation. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

In this contemporary era, the evolution of new techniques is rapidly proliferating day by day. But the games on computers and movies are always popular among individuals and meanwhile, it’s creating violence too. Some believe that it puts a negative impact on individuals and some of the parts which create Incessant sound should be suppressed while others believe that these gadgets are not harmful to anyone and also provide relaxation to individuals. I will discuss my viewpoints in subsequent paragraphs, and blotter my opinion will be elaborated in upcoming paragraphs.

To embark upon, there are several reasons behind why these gadgets have a negative impact on society due to incessant voices. First of all, it is worth considering that these games and movies allure much to today’s youngsters and they get excited when they hear loud noises. Owing to this, loud noise should not be tolerable at all for everyone. Moreover, this violence can create a majority of diseases like tickling in both ears and also contribute to other diseases. For instance, many adolescents are very attracted to PUBG. However, it is dominant among individuals. They spend their buffer time by playing such games, which always have a bad impact on youngsters. So it should be banned because at least they have to face major hurdles in the upcoming future.

On the flip mode, those who think it provides relaxation and calms even it’s not harming individuals at all. Yes, it’s undeniable, because the majority of students have a hectic schedule during weekdays so at the weekend they have to spend some time watching movies and playing games. Because these are stress burst activities which everyone wants to do in their life. Secondly, while watching some movies, they can get knowledge and explore their potential in order to succeed in life and achieve a goal. For example- the majority of teenagers, when watching these movies they can learn various things and inculcate in their mind. During this drive, they come to know about life actually is as today’s generation is somehow more advanced so everyone should rely on new techniques and hold some knowledge. Most of the Boys have their own nature that most of them love to play extreme video games like PUBG that contain a lot of violent action.

To recapitulate, it can be deduced that those games and movies which create many violations should always be banned and restricted by the government or higher authorities, whether it is more prominent or not. Also, take the initiative to banish these issues from society because advanced techniques are ubiquitous.

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