Some People Believe that To Give Opportunities to The New Generation (2) (1)

Some People Believe that To Give Opportunities to The New Generation

Some people believe that to give opportunities to the new generation; companies should encourage high-level employees who are older than 55 to retire. Do you agree or disagree?

It is a matter of debate that the employees above 55 years should be relieved from the job and chances should be given to freshers for the development of the companies. In my opinion, the former proposition appears to be more rational. This essay will further elaborate my views favouring the positive impacts of this trend and leads to the logical solution.

There are myriads of reasons which will further elaborate this argument, but the most preponderant one stems from the fact that older people have better experience and knowledge about the company. Also, they will be helpful by solving a problem as they with the good networks. Moreover, they have a good work ethic as well as have good leadership skills, which is beneficial for the development of the company. Needless, these benefits stand in good stead.

Elaborating my view, there are some merits, but one of the crucial effects is that due to modernisation, they will find it difficult to cope up with the change in technology and takes time to use the software skill. Besides, there will be no sense of competition as they will be satisfied with their job. Consequently, a lack of spirit will lead to a decrease in productivity. Hence, it is apparent from above that why many of them are against this trend.

According to the arguments aforementioned above, one can reach the conclusion that employing old employers is beneficial to some extent. However, drawbacks can’t be ignored.

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