Some Employers Offer Their Employees Subsidized Membership of Gym or Sports Clubs (2) (1)

Some Employers Offer Their Employees Subsidized Membership of Gym or Sports Clubs

Some employers offer their employees subsidized membership of gym or sports clubs, believing that this will make their staff healthier and thus more effective at work. Other employers see no benefit in so doing. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Exercises and sports activities play a vital role in the healthier lifestyle of every working person. Employees have been provided extra perks of benefits in the form of gym or club membership will eventually help them to work efficiently. In some scenarios, it feels like a waste of money and not beneficial for employers. I will discuss both viewpoints in the following paragraphs with my opinion.

Employers believe that employees’ physical and mental health are more crucial, which making the company more profitable. Allowing the gym and sports club activity to employees keeps them healthy and fit. Eventually, they took a fewer amount of leaves which brought more productivity and less disturbance in daily work routine. As a result of common activity place for all employees, more communication and group engagement happen, which boost the team spirit and relationship between colleagues, in end employers main goal behind this to be more productive and gain profit.

Some Employees think other benefits like incentive hikes, higher job positions, some new training opportunities related to work will help them to grow more in their careers and life. Excel in any task they have done will motivate them and give some or other kind of job satisfaction. Gym and other extra curriculum activities are a waste of investment as compared to the award and appreciation they get from employers.

I believe that physical activities keep employees fit and more active. In a way, they are more focused on their goals and beneficial for the organization in which they work. This external motivation will definitely promote productivity.

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