Some Believe that People Should Make Efforts to Fight Climate Change

Some Believe that People Should Make Efforts to Fight Climate Change

Some believe that people should make efforts to fight climate change, while others think it is better to learn to live with it. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Undoubtedly, due to global warming climate is continuously changing. In order to survive, several people opine that they should accept the alteration in climate; however, others believe they should do something against it. Upcoming segments are discussing both ideologies and end up with my personal viewpoint.

Many people believe that nature goes on changing by itself as it is truly a natural phenomenon. Any act to combat this situation, according to them, is futile and wastage of resources. Instead, it would be better to accept and learn to live in such circumstances by arranging own means of survival. For instance, the Indian climate is scorching hot these days; rather than doing anything favouring climate, people installed air conditioners at home and working places even without considering the deteriorating consequences.

On the flip side, still, a few are there who accepts the responsibility of unbalanced climate situations. A burgeoning number of motor vehicles and unseizable industrialisation are culpable for the emerging climate emergency. Moreover, deforestation and depletion of the ozone layer are also responsible for. Hence, summers are hotter than past. To exemplify, Canada registered record-breaking hottest temperature this year, nearly 52°C. Therefore, it is understandable that people must take this issue seriously and put in all possible efforts.

To conclude, in my opinion, those who are unconcerned about climate changes should get ready for the disastrous effects; meanwhile, the remaining need to accept direct accountability for their actions and adopt measures collectively to flatten the curve.

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