Your Workplace Does Not Have a Parking Area for Cars (2) (1)

Your Workplace Does Not Have a Parking Area for Cars

Your workplace does not have a parking area for cars, and it is causing some problems. Write a letter to your manager; In your letter, you should:

Describe the problems
Explain why should solve the problems
nd give your suggestions on how to solve the problems

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing this letter to express my resentment regarding the unavailability of parking space for cars; I confront several problems due to it.

Let me inform you that rear-end collision caused damage to my car’s drive-train. Moreover, its bumper has totally broken, and it moved the exhaust system forward. All in all, it had badly damaged my car. Besides, the position lamps also got damaged. Resultantly, it is an immense loss to my car.

Furthermore, it is a pressing problem and must be resolved. I had bought it recently. Your company is away from my residential area, so commuting via my private vehicle makes me punctual in the absence of public transport.

It would be great if you could manage parking amenities near the company’s premises. In addition, if it is not possible; then, arrange the transport for your employees, who come from remote areas. We all are ready to pay more than needed if travelling is safe and secure.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Yours Faithfully,

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