Discuss the Reasons Why More Young People Study Abroad than in Their Home Country (2) (1)

Discuss the Reasons Why More Young People Study Abroad than in Their Home Country

Discuss the Reasons Why More Young People Study Abroad than in Their Home Country.

Most of the junior students continue their education overseas than in their native country. This essay will examine the main reasons for younger individuals studying away from their native country.

The three main reasons for study overseas are the top quality of education, many career opportunities, and becoming independent. Young students like to pursue their higher studies in top reputed institutions; these universities have top-quality resources such as professors, libraries, laboratories, and research centers. Thus, high-quality resources make less aged students prefer abroad studies than in their own country.

After completing their studies, students have many career options to select. Younger individuals come to a decision to pursue their career abroad because of high competition for employment in their home country.

Moreover, there are many companies and different business and government sectors that let the students get into any of these sectors or companies after their studies.

A large number of younger ones want to become independent from teenagers. Moreover, becoming independent will build up the confidence to make their own decisions. If they study and live in their native country, they may not be independent because of parents and relatives that make us depend on them. This way, younger people cannot stand on their own legs. By study in abroad will make the younger individuals independent.

To conclude, Top quality education, many career opportunities, and hunger to become independent are three main reasons for teenagers to pursue their remaining education away from their home country.

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